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About us

Our mission

The base of our success lies in our thinking with you. Together we will look for solutions by replacing ourselves in you, your company and your specific company situation and question.

The result: well calculated solutions, innovative applications and an optimal service, which gives you the guarantee that you have a firm partner standing next to you. 

Our chicory harvest machine is a big success, which was achieved due to thinking together, trying and starting with the development of an automated chicory processing process.

A deal is a deal for us. We expect it from our suppliers and we demand it from our employees. Therefore, you can demand the same from us. Moreover, your company depends on its machine park and unnecessary stagnation of your machines costs money. Besides, we will not make it harder than necessary; the kiss-principle (keep it simple stupid) proves its power over and over again.

May we also become a strategic partner for you in constructing machines?

Company culture

Working with Fockens & van Puijenbroek, means working in a company with it's own vision and it's own culture. Our culture is best described by the following aspects:

• Focussed on performance
• Focussed on continuous improvement
• Focussed on the strength of the employee and our team
• Focussed on a respectful and motivating cooperation
• Focussed on appraisal and critics aimed at helping each other

Human resource management

In the mission statement of Fockens & van Puijenbroek it states:

Fockens & van Puijenbroek wants to offer its people an inspiring and challenging environment where performance, motivation, flexibility, creativity and cooperation are stimulated.

This sentence is carefully implemented into our vision, for we know that our people our the vital key to our future. Fockens & van Puijenbroek asks a lot from their people, but in the same time we realise ourselves that our employees need the opportunity to develop themselves.


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Latest News

  • Added 2 new CNC turning machines to our machine park.
  • Hiring new people, take a look at the jobs we offer.
  • Celebrating our 33 years doing business with you.

Our address

Fockens & v. Puijenbroek
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5231 DC 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

P.O. Box 722
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The Netherlands

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