Fockens & van Puijenbroek
"creative engineering"

Machine Park

A glance at our  machine park

CNC-Milling 5-axis

CNC-Turning with radial and
axial driven tools

CNC-Turning with radial and axial
driven tools and automatic bar feeder

Conventional milling

Assembly and service

Weldingshop: MIG-MAG, TIG, TIP-TIG
and PUSH-PULL equipment for
welding various materials


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Latest News

  • Added 2 new CNC turning machines to our machine park.
  • Hiring new people, take a look at the jobs we offer.
  • Celebrating our 33 years doing business with you.

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5231 DC 's-Hertogenbosch
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P.O. Box 722
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The Netherlands

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