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Machine factory Fockens & van Puijenbroek is a member of the Metal Union and stands guarantee for:

• Broad expertise
• Knowledge of the branch
• A concrete and clear, delivery agreement

CNC millingOur experience is that the membership ofthe Metal Union offers great value for you as a customer and for us. Thanks to the strength of the Metal Union, branch related businesses can be dealt with together, as a result companies and partners can complete each other and you are ensured of optimal input of knowledge and experience.

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Latest News

  • Added 2 new CNC turning machines to our machine park.
  • Hiring new people, take a look at the jobs we offer.
  • Celebrating our 33 years doing business with you.

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Fockens & v. Puijenbroek
Hambakenwetering 28
5231 DC 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

P.O. Box 722
5201 AS 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

+31 73 646 2121  Office Phone
+31 73 646 2112  Office Fax